Egg-citing News!!

We have had a very exciting week in Rainbow classes.  Last Tuesday we had 6 eggs delivered, almost ready to hatch.  They stayed in an incubator and on Wednesday morning four had hatched.  We all watched with anticipation and talked a lot about what was happening.  Unfortunately one of the ducklings was very poorly and needed help out of the egg.  Mrs Smith and Mrs Lewis were acting veterinary nurses that day and gave the ducking some much needed tlc.  We decided to call him Donald (after Donald Duck, not Donald Trump as many of the children assumed)! The are big enough they will have a lovely life on Mrs Roads’ pond!class said a prayer for Donald before home time as we had discussed how poorly he was and that he may not be well enough to stay alive. That night Mrs Smith took all the ducklings home and kept a very close eye on Donald – it was like having a newborn baby in the house!  To everyone’s amazement and excitement, all six ducklings were happy and chirping away on Thursday morning.  They have spent the past week, eating, making a mess and doubling their size.  They have been super Rainbow guests and we have learnt so much watching them develop.  We are hoping that when they are big enough they will have a lovely life on Mrs Roads’ pond!

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